Bobcats and lions and projects, oh my!

Felidae Conservation Fund: Bay Area Bobcat Study

Bobcat habitat in the Bay Area is becoming increasingly patchy, to the point that there are genetically different populations on either side of a major freeway.  This study (being funded through Kickstarter) will look at habitat fragmentation issues, mortality, and health, all of which have never been studied in the Bay Area bobcat population.

17 days left on Kickstarter to fund this project… donate now for the bobcats!

Learn more at

Gorongosa Lion Project

Marin-based ecologist Paola Bouley is the co-founder and leader of the Gorongosa Lion Project in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique.  The prides in this area were decimated by war, and little is known about the surviving lions’ genetic health and range.  Go to Paola’s website ( to see amazing pictures, read more about her important work, and learn what you can do to help.

You can visit the Gorongosa Lion Project website at–projecto-lees-da-gorongosa


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